5000-B HWY 280 East
Alexander City, AL. 35010


  • Industrial Electronic Repair
  • AC Drives
  • DC Drives
  • Inverters
  • Circuit Board Repair
  • Servo Motor Repair
  • Encoder and Tach Alignment

Our Process

1. RECEIVING AND INSPECTION – Upon receiving a servo motor or feedback device, the unit is visibly inspected for physical damage that may have occurred in shipping or handling. The unit is cleaned and thoroughly inspected, logged for arrival and placed on line. The nameplate information is cataloged and checked against specifications and previously recorded information from motors we have done in the past.

2. DISASSEMBLY – Every motor or device is completely disassembled, checked for broken or worn parts, cleaned and inspected.

3. TESTING – Each part is tested individually according to type and specifications of the unit. The stator is tested for pole alignment and strength. The feedback device is tested according to factory specifications for pulse, count, frequency, commutation etc. All plugs and connectors are tested for continuity and shorts to ground. Our tests are extensive and completely non­destructive.

4. RE­ASSEMBLY – As the unit is being assembled, each part is inspected and tested again to be sure of quality. All broken or worn parts are repaired or replaced with, in many cases, OEM parts, but in all cases, the highest quality replacement parts. You can be assured that in assembly of your unit you will get the best part for the application.

5. FINAL TESTING – After assembly is complete, the unit is once again inspected to assure there is no undue friction between parts and the unit is placed on the test bench where the motor and feedback device are aligned statically, electrically and dynamically. The unit is then run on state for the art test equipment to assure there are no problems or faults between the motor and feedback device. In many cases we are able to run your motor on the OEM drive specifically designed for that unit. The voltage and amperage is recorded and checked for vibration and electrical noise. Once the unit has passed all our testing measures, it is ready to be painted and shipped.