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About Us

By using the most up-to-date and unique diagnostic test systems on the market today, Renaissance Electronics is able to meet the demands of repairing all industrial electronic circuit boards, frequency drives, and servo drives.

Each circuit board is tested using a dynamic functional test, both in-circuit or from the edge connector, thus eliminating any chances of open, shorted or broken connections, traces or discrete components. Each board can also be programmed to operate in a functional test, duplicating the working characteristics of your equipment or machine.

The PinPoint II Analog Test Pack consists of a full sized PinPoint II card. Software is provided to enable the package to be used either in Immediate Mode through a Virtual Front Panel or from an integrated facility within the TestVue™ environment. The Analog pack combines the functions of a 4 1/2 Digit DMM.Dual Channel Frequency/Timer Counter. Multi-channel Analog Inputs, Arbitrary Waveform Generator(s) and a Dual-Channel 100MHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope.

Dedicated to our customers, vendors and employees with up-scale quality and service. Maintaining competitive pricing and fast turn around times on repairs and services are a must. Through these standards we will stand behind any product or service provided by Renaissance Electronics, LLC. Please call or send any request for pricing on products or services provided.

DUNS, CAGE and TAX Numbers, Certifications and Insurance information are availible upon request .